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Video 01: General overview and introduction – An overview of academic writing and the layout of the video lectures.

  • Rhetoric definition
  • Expository writing vs. argumentative writing
  • Rhetorical principles for writing
  • Linear writing model
  • Circular /Recursive model
  • Topics for my videos

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Video 02: The many kinds of academic writing – A look at the various different kinds of academic writing.

  • Four categories of academic writing
  • The humanities
  • The social sciences
  • The natural sciences
  • The applied fields

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       Assignment Sheet for Video 02 

Video 03: Gathering your ideas – Strategies for gathering your ideas as an academic writer: mindmaps and freewriting.

  • Two methods for gathering ideas
  • Mindmapping
  • Freewriting

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Video 04: Questions--Finding research questions

  • Activities and steps for generating questions
  • Activities for finding a focusing question

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       Assignment Sheet for Video 04 

Video 05: Finding information – Finding quality information for an academic paper

  • Types of information sources 
  • The process in gathering information
  • Selecting library databases
  • Forming general search phrases
  • Refining search phrases
  • Examining database record
  • Finding  the article
  • Studying the article & its cited works

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Video 06: Evaluating information – Evaluate the sources you find

  • Criteria for evaluating sources
  • Is it scholarly?
  • Is it Relevant to my topic?
  • Is it recent enough?
  • Does it have authority?
  • What is its purpose?
  • Careful of online misinformation
  • Sample items

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       Assignment: Exercises for Evaluating Websites

Video 07: Introductions – How to create effective introductions that highlight your contributions to a topic.

  • Strategies for establishing your topic
  • Strategies for establishing a need for discussion
  • Strategies for stating your contribution
  • A sample introduction and analysis
  • Using images in your writing

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      Assignment Sheet for Video 07 

Video 08: Thesis statements – Guidelines for settling on an effective and descriptive thesis for your writing.

  • Two characteristics of a thesis statement
  • Qualities of an effective thesis statement
  • A sample thesis statement
  • Advice for successful thesis statements

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       Assignment Sheet for Video 08 

Video 09: Organization – A look at how to use outlines to structure and organize your papers.

  • General organization
  • Outlines

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       Assignment Sheet for Video 09

Video 10: Paragraphs – An overview of the basic unit of text in academic writing. How to construct effective paragraphs.

  • Definition
  • Paragraph example
  • Paragraph guidelines

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       Assignment Sheet for Video 10 

Video 11: Dos and don'ts – Style dos and don'ts for academic writing

  • Conventions
  • Useges
  • Styles
  • Grammars

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Video 12: Conclusions and final advice

  • Goals for writing a good introduction
  • Characteristics of a strong conclusion
  • Gathering ideas
  • Organizing ideas
  • Writing process

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Video 13: Citations – Quoting, paraphrasing, and APA style citations.

  • Purposes of citations
  • Three types of citation styles
  • Reference list:
    • Articles
    • Books
    • Websites
  • In-text citations
    • Direct quotations
    • Paraphrase/Summary/Indirect quotations
  • Examples of published articels using APA

       PPT Slides & PDF Slides

       Annotated Example of APA Guidelines in Practical Use

       APA and MLA Citation Guidelines by Purdue University 

       Handout: Differences and Similarities between APA and MLA

       Exercises for In-Text Citations by Cornell University    

  Academic Integrity Code at Appalachian State University