Academic Writing for Undergraduate Students 2017

The goal for the Academic Writing for Undergraduate Students is to introduce students in China to basic procedures as practiced in the United States in preparing an academic paper. It is hoped that this short course will help improve participants’ academic writing skills. This writing project is part of American Cultural Center program entitled "English Writing for College and Communication" between Appalachian State University and Northeastern University sponsored by a grant from the U.S. Department of State.

  • Ten video recorded lectures by Dr. Bret Zawilski focus on the definitions, types, structures, and process of academic writing for undergraduate students.
  • Two videos by Professor Allan Scherlen address the importance of technique in finding scholarly information and of evaluating information sources found when writing an academic paper.
  • One video by Dr. Xiaorong Shao covers the basic rules and examples of APA style citations.
  • The American Cultural Center at your university has a collection of books related to academic writing and topics related to sustainability and the environment.
  • Articles and Internet resources are also provided through this site.
  • To receive a Certificate of Completion you need to watch all videos, complete all assignments, and write an academic paper following the Guidelines for Final Paper and Writing Contest by mid-May, 2017. You are welcome to submit your final academic paper to your teacher for the Writing Contest by mid-June to compete for awards ranging from $50 to $200.
  • Three Appalachian professors, Dr. Zawilski (, Dr. Shao ( and Professor Scherlen (, will travel to China and conduct workshops about the English writing for college and communication between May 15–31 at your university. During the visit, we hope to address your writing needs and any specific questions you may have after you study this short course. If you have any questions about the videos or assignments, please contact any of the professors.